The Social Science Approach to International Law
Daniel Abebe, Adam Chilton, and Tom   Ginsburg

Reflections on the Value of Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law in Africa
Olabisi D. Akinkugbe

On Relating Social Sciences to International Law: Three Perspectives
Yifeng Chen

Herding Schrödinger’s Cats: The Limits of the Social Science Approach to International Law
Simon Chesterman

China and Comparative International Law: Between Social Science and Critique
Matthew S. Erie

Studying Race in International Law Scholarship Using a Social Science Approach
James Thuo Gathii

The Limits of International Law Fifteen Years Later
Jack Goldsmith and Eric A. Posner

A Matter of Personal Choice
Bing Bing Jia

Measuring the Art of International  Law
Mary Ellen O’Connell

Comparative International Law and the Social Science Approach
Emilia Justyna Powell

Social Science Research and Reforms of International Institutions
Weijia Rao

International Law and Transnational Legal Orders: Permeating Boundaries and Extending Social Science Encounters
Gregory Shaffer and Terence C. Halliday


International Law After Dark: How Legalized Sex Work Can Comport with International and Human Rights Law
Joshua A. Fox

Cured: Proposing a Solution to the Hague Convention’s “Zone of Disease”  Defense
Savannah Mora

How Hackers of Submarine Cables May Be Held Liable Under the Law of the  Sea
Jason Petty

Applying the United Nations Trafficking Protocol in the Context of Climate Change
Mikaila V. Smith

Linguistic Minorities with Disabilities and the Right to Native Language Instruction
Carol Zhang