CJIL 2023 Symposium: Free Speech

Free speech has taken on a new importance in the digital age. From the Arab Spring in 2010 to more recent protests in Hong Kong, the so-called “digital-platform-based public sphere” has proven a powerful tool for promoting human rights, catalyzing social and political movements, and sharing information across the globe. Technology, it seems, marches humanity closer toward the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ guarantee of freedom of opinion and expression. But the Internet in general, and social media platforms in particular, also facilitate the spread of hate speech, propaganda, misinformation, terrorism recruitment, and political manipulation. The resulting challenges to domestic and international legal systems raise questions about how international law principles and mechanisms can inform free speech governance in both digital and offline arenas.

To find more information, view the schedule, and access the registration link, please visit the main event page: https://www.law.uchicago.edu/events/cjil-2023-symposium-free-speech

2023 CJIL Symposium Poster