Students are chosen to become CJIL staff members by the Board through a blind writing competition held during the summer immediately prior to the participants’ second year at the University of Chicago Law School. The Board may also select students to become staff members during or after their second year, or may select LLM students, based upon submission of a publishable written piece. Each spring, the outgoing Board selects a new Board for the following academic year. The Board generally is selected from among those students having served as CJIL staff members.

Mary Kathryn Healy

Katherine Ryan
Managing Editor

Rupan K. Bharanidaran
Executive Articles Editor
Online Editor

Rachel Caitlin Abrams
Joseph Kiernan
Nicole Kofman
Mariam Oladipo
Margaret E. Wells
Articles Editors

Rachel Caitlin Abrams
Symposium Chair

Daniil Shamelo
Symposium Coordinator

Margaret E. Wells
Online Editor

Amara Shaikh
Executive Comments Editor
Topic Access Editor

Tyler Alecia Lawson
Natalia Angelina McLaren
Emilie Anne Miner
Christian A. Pierre-Canel
Matthew Trevisani
Comments Editors

Jake Atlas
Ksenia Belyaeva                                                                                                                                         
Tucker Craven
Michaela Fleischer
Jennifer Kuo
Josh Low
Hana Nasser
Claire O'Brien
Sahar Omer
Ian G. Peacock
Bernard Pellissier
George Phelan
Joseph Lee Robinson
Lindsay Saligman
Anna Schmitt
Raam Tambe
Kai Thompson
Hannah Daniel Williams
Ran Xu
Zelai Xu

Tom Ginsburg
Faculty Advisor

Claire L. Parins
Director of Academic Publications