Students are chosen to become CJIL staff members by the Managing Board through a blind writing competition held during the summer immediately prior to the participants' second year at the University of Chicago Law School. The Managing Board may also select students to become staff members during or after their second year, or may select LLM students, based upon submission of a publishable written piece. Each spring, the outgoing Managing Board selects a new Managing Board for the following academic year. The Managing Board generally is selected from among those students having served as CJIL staff members.

2020-2021 Managing Board

Neema Hakim

Steven Michael Foster, Jr.
Kelsey Tuohy
Executive Editors

Tyler Downing
Managing Editor

Jared I. Mayer
Executive Articles Editor

Casey Jedele
Executive Comments Editor

Tyler Downing
Topic Access Editor

Haylee N. Bernal
Zach Heater
Nyle Hussain
Ana Carolina Luquerna
Articles Editors

William B. Altabef
Kenneth Daniel Lee
Brian Pollock
Olivia Probetts
David Ezra Silberthau
Comments Editors

Victoria Bergman
Isabella Bergonzoli Jaramillo
Nicole Briones
Austin Carsh
Griffin Clark
Clare Marlow Downing
Austin A. Feuer
Joshua A. Fox
Daniel A. Gonzalez
Megan Ingram
Irene Jeon
Rachel I. Katzin
Sicily Maleva Kiesel
Lyudmila Kirichanko
William P. Ladas
Elise M. LeCrone
Katherine Luo
Savannah Mora
Hunter A. Michielson
Michael Morgan
Maria K. O'Keeffe
Jason Petty
Delaney Prunty
Mikaila V. Smith
Amber S. Stewart
Daniel Sung
Claudia Wang
Kaylee M. Yocum
Carol Zhang

Tom Ginsburg
Faculty Advisor

Claire L. Parins
Director of Academic Publications