CJIL Submission Guidelines


  1. Selection Criteria

    CJIL seeks to publish articles making a significant, original contribution to the field of international law and policy. Essays and book reviews will be considered on a limited basis. Articles on foreign and comparative law, while valuable, are not within CJIL's scope.

    Unfortunately, limited resources prevent the journal from accepting draft articles requiring substantial stylistic and/or substantive changes. We therefore request that articles be both well-written and completely argued at the time of submission. Our goal is to review and vote on appropriate submissions as soon as possible. We will contact the author immediately upon acceptance.

  2. Editing

    CJIL uses the Bluebook citation system. A copy of the CJIL Style Sheet can be downloaded here. Accepted articles will go through four rounds of editing. After each round of edits, CJIL will send copy of the manuscript to the author showing all suggested changes. Any substantial changes will be accompanied by explanations and questions where appropriate.

  3. Submission

    CJIL accepts electronic submissions through the Scholastica online submission system at https://scholasticahq.com through the ExpressO online submission system at http://www.law.bepress.com/expresso. You can also e-mail your manuscript in Microsoft Word format to cjil@law.uchicago.edu. Please include a résumé or curriculum vitae with your submission. Electronic submissions are strongly preferred.

    CJIL accepts submissions throughout the year, but authors should keep in mind that CJIL publishes in the winter and summer. The journal's board usually selects articles around June/July/August for the winter issue and December/January for the summer issue.

  4. Expedited Review

    If you have received a formal offer of publication from another journal and would like to receive an expedited review by the Chicago Journal of International Law, please contact us at cjil@law.uchicago.edu. When requesting an expedited review, please include the following in the text of the e-mail:

    1. The author name and title of the manuscript;
    2. The name of the journal that has extended an offer to you;
    3. The date the offer expires;
    4. An electronic attachment of your article, including a C.V. and cover letter, to facilitate the process.

    CJIL will attempt to honor all requests for expedited review, but, due to limited resources, we are not always able to respond to each request.

  5. Withdrawal

    If you wish to withdraw your piece from consideration, please contact us at cjil@law.uchicago.edu. Please include the author name and title of your manuscript in the subject line of the e-mail.