Publication of CJIL Vol. 13.2

The latest issue of The Chicago Journal of International Law has been published. The issue features articles that respond to and build off of ideas in "Climate Change Justice," By Eric A. Posner and David Weisbach. For more information on the book, click here.


International Paretianism: A Defense
Eric A. Posner and David Weisbach


Carbon Leakage Versus Policy Diffusion: The Perils and Promise of Subglobal Climate Action
Daniel A. Farber


Climate Hope: Implementing the Exit Strategy
Henry Shue


Post-Durban Climate Policy Architecture Based on Linkage of Cap-and-Trade Systems
Matthew Ranson and Robert N. Stavins


Climate Change, Consequentialism, and the Road Ahead
Dale Jamieson


Climate Change: Why Theories of Justice Matter
Martha C. Nussbaum


Analysis of the US Case in Climate Change Negotiations
Yoram Margalioth


Who Should Pay for Climate Change? “Not Me”
Paul Baer


Cumulative Carbon and Just Allocation of the Global Carbon Commons
R.T. Pierrehumbert


The Debate on Discounting: Reconciling Positivists and Ethicists
Christian Gollier


Climate Policies Deserve a Negative Discount Rate
Marc Fleurbaey and Stéphane Zuber


Why Historical Emissions Should Count
Lukas H. Meyer



Why Judges Should Not Make Refugee Law: Australia’s Malaysia Solution and the Refugee Convention
Anthony Pastore


Depoliticizing Sovereign Wealth Funds Through International Arbitration
Meg Lippincott


The Berne Convention’s Flexible Fixation Requirement: A Problematic Provision for User-Generated Content
Elizabeth White